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Heart Space Coach

I help motivated, action-driven individuals transform their low self-worth and low self-esteem patterns to a place of powerful confidence in themselves and in relationship with others.

Heidi Dellaire Heart Space Life Coach


Are You Ready to Have a Happy Heart?

You were guided here for a reason.

you are worthy of love
  • Are you tired of giving yourself away?
  • Have you been attracting narcissistic personality types into your life?
  • Have you been breaking your own heart due to shame, guilt and poor boundaries?
  • Are your people-pleasing tendencies wreaking havoc with your life?
deeply rooted behavior patterns

Let’s rewrite your story.

You’ve tried it all from mindfulness, meditations, affirmations and self-help books on your own, without success.

Nothing is working and you are ready for a change — RIGHT NOW!

Forgive Yourself. Your patterns are deeply rooted and programmed into your cells from repetitious thinking and specific life events.

Your true self is in there and ready for self-empowerment.

How do I know? I have been there too. Along my journey, I have reminded myself of what has always been there on the inside and that it just needed to be uncovered. I have learned to master healthy boundaries, self-care, self-love and self-worth. I want this for you too.

Let me be your guide to connect the puzzle pieces

Are You Ready to Heal Your Story?

Let's dive deep together to find your happy heart.

What People Are Saying About Heidi’s Heart Space Coaching

“Heidi is the master of holding space and watching over you from a heart-centered, grounded and compassionate place. Her intuition and soothing, honey like voice accesses and ignites an inner peace and deep knowing within you.”

Louise Clark
Louise Clarke
PCI Certified Parent Coach
and Mindfulness Coach
“I’ve been working with Heidi for over 5 years because she never fails to help me reduce stress and rebalance. Heidi seems to intuitively know what I need and when. I can’t tell you how many times I have been over extended and feeling a little burned out when Heidi will reach out to check in. She is compassionate and kind but always a straight shooter and helps
you hold yourself accountable.”
Sue campbell
Sue Campbell
Client and Program Director
for Youth Advocacy


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“All of the love you are looking for is within yourself.”

I am excited about the release of Roots and Tendrils. This book is a culmination of a 10 year journey through love, loss and heartbreak that ultimately led me to a greater sense of what self-love really means. I could see love everywhere outside of myself and learned to open the lens of personal responsibility to gain self-awareness and turn the love valve back onto myself. The heart, when truly open, will find a way to heal itself.

Please visit the Roots and Tendrils book page to learn more.

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