Heal Your Story with Heidi Dellaire

Emotional Regulation Mastery


Discover how to regulate & master your emotions.

Starting October 18th

Join Heidi Dellaire from Heal Your Story & Love Wide Open.

Heidi Dellaire
Heal Your Story with Heidi Dellaire
Love Wide Open - Heidi Dellaire

Are you feeling anxious & can't possibly figure out how to feel better?

Do you find yourself anxious about your anxiety?

This is something for us to address...

Do you sometimes feel like you're a burden to others? Or misunderstood?

I used to be this person...

Are you wondering if you'll ever feel 100% happy, confident, & comfortable in your own skin?

There is something we can do about this, fast.

Do you want to experience a sudden breakthrough where life becomes magical?

Perhaps you are looking for that rush....

Are you worried about making mistakes, not being good enough, or disappointing others?

This is something for us to address...

Do you feel like life is out of your own control?

We've all been there...

Do you feel like you haven't tapped into your complete potential yet?

Let's work on changing this....

Do you wonder why you keep repeating the same thoughts, feelings, results?

There is another way...


...to BREAK THROUGH and experience
become EMPOWERED to live the LIFE
you've always dreamed of.

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A 6-Week Emotional Regulation Mastery Program



October 18th

Live training with Heidi!

VIP 1:1 Upgrade Available

Discover how to minimize anxiety & self regulate your emotions...

...To feel calm & confident!

From The Desk Of Heidi Dellaire

Gardiner, Maine

The journey to healing one’s own heart can arrive in many ways. I heal through writing poetry and blog posts on my self-development website, Lovewideopen.com. I also have the

Heal Your Story Podcast and the Heal Your Story Blog. My book, Roots and Tendrils, is an intimate look into my heart and all that it has endured and all that it has learned on the journey to self-love and self-healing.

I have a gift for connecting people back to their hearts through my healing work at Blue Owl Bodyworks (my private practice in Maine), through individualized coaching sessions and through my writing and inspirational posts at Love Wide Open (Podcast, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).

It has been my mission to treat every living thing with love and compassion. I feel that I am now spreading that gift of love out into the world by simply speaking and living my truth through vulnerability and by leading with an open heart.

I am a modern-day love slinger who will help you get back to your heart space and Heal Your Story.


6 Weeks of Healing the Emotions That Keep You Stuck So That You Can Lead a Confident, Empowered and Joyful Life.


Anger, Asserting Yourself, Stress

The first week, we will dive into these tough emotions that so many of us struggle with. We will focus on learning how to assert oneself in a healthy manner.


Sadness, Grief, Guilt

Feeling safe is necessary when dealing with this grouping of emotions. We will focus on grief and guilt. These two emotions get woven into so many others. 


Closeness to Others, Attachment, Distancing

We will delve into the slippery slope of wanting to be close to others while also being afraid to get close to others and how we can attach to those not healthy for us.


Positive Feelings About Yourself, Self-Worth

We get deep into the self-worth aspect that creeps up so often in our daily lives. Learn how to not shut down when your self-worth is threatened.


Excitement, Interest in Things

There are often times that we hold back our excitement for the things we love or our interest in certain things because we fear judgment from others. 


Enjoyment, Joy

We can feel ashamed or guitly for feeling joy in our loves because we don’t believe we deserve it or fear that it will hurt other people’s feelings who don’t feel joy. 



Self-Healing Journey 6-Week Program

The Grand Prize of bonuses is this 6-Module intermediate course jam-packed with healing exercises and somatic healing techniques on how to self-regulate your emotions and tame your anxiety through Heal Your Story Method techniques. This course + the Mastery Program is an amazing healing container.


Self-Compassion, Judgment, and Forgiveness Integration Meditation

It just feels better when we let go of judgment of ourselves and others. This guided meditation will lead you to a place where you gain more compassion for yourself.


4-Step Technique for Healing Emotional Pain

A 4-Part Video Series helping you walk through and deal with emotional pain and how to release it. This series allows you to really let it all out and release it in a healthy manner. 


Private Facebook Group

A safe container for our collective healing and learning. This group is only available to paid members of the Emotional Regulation Mastery 6-Week Program. In the group you can ask questions and catch the replays of the live calls. 

Two Programs for The Price of One!

Total Value: $2,400

Special Price: One-time Payment of $497

Or 2 Payments of $275

VIP 1:1 Upgrade Available at Checkout

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Starting October 18.

"Getting you out of your busy head & back in touch with your heart space." - HD

Heidi Dellaire Workshop - zoom participants

Attend From The Comfort of Your Home

Instant Access to Replays

6 Live Sessions + 4 Exclusive Bonuses

6 Live Sessions:

Discover how to self-regulate and self-heal your emotional states. Live calls on Zoom (replays in the FB Group). Calls will have Q&A along with emotional mastery techniques and exercises.

Bonus #1: Self-Healing Journey 6-Week Program:

This is a 6-Module Intermediate program teaching you how to self-regulate your emotions and tame your anxiety. This program alone contains mutliple healing exercises and advanced cognitive-based healing techniques. We will be referencing this ALONG with the Master Program work.

Bonus #2: Self-Compassion, Judgment, and Forgiveness Integration Meditation

It just feels better to let it go and have compassion for oneself and others. We get further in life with self-compassion than anything else we can do. This guided meditation is loving and grounding towards the self.

Bonus #3: 4-Step Technique for Healing Emotional Pain:

A 4-Part Video Series helping you walk through and deal with emotional pain and how to release it. This series allows you to get it out and let it go without you having to hold anything back.

Bonus #4: Private Facebook Group:

A safe container for our collective healing and learning. This group is only available to paid members of the Emotional Regulation Mastery 6-Week Program. Healing together is always so powerful.

Client Testimonials

Taking your 6-week class was a wise investment in myself...

“Connecting with you and taking your 6-week class was a wise investment in myself. I think spending money on oneself is the greatest gift on can give themself. It is a gift to friends and family. What is more important than personal evolution from an emotional and spiritual perspective? You are one of the great gifts that I have received, Heidi.”

~ Barry S.
Every day, I hear and think of Heidi's words and guidance...

“When I started working with Heidi I had no idea that the following months were going to become what they did. From the beginning I felt that Heidi understood me. I looked forward to our calls and the insight, exercises and enlightenment that she provided. In her calm voice she would guide me through an exercise, or untangle all the thoughts that I rattled off. If I was in tears, I knew she was there for me, not judging, just holding space. When I was caught spinning in a situation, she understood what was happening and was able to bring me back to a place of calm and reason. It was her words and support that gave me strength to move through the situation and look back at it as a powerful lesson. Every day, I hear and think of Heidi’s words and guidance. She is more than a coach, she cares and connects with you. She is the person you want by your side to help make sense of things, to have guidance from, to share with. I am so grateful for Heidi, who she is and what she does. Thank you!”

~ Lynn C.
I went from chaos to calm...

“With Heidi’s guidance and understanding of my sensitivity, I went from chaos to calm, confident and patient in just 8 weeks.”

~ Carly C.
My heart isn’t heavy anymore...

“…I needed to feel better about myself. I was “stuck” in my head and my heart. Because of Heidi, I’m not anymore! My heart isn’t heavy anymore which in turn has transcended into a healthy mindset…”

~ Tim R.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my purchase?

A). Access to 6 weeks of live coaching & mentorship with Heidi plus 4 exclusive bonuses (including the intermediate Self-Healing Journey Program + membership community and more).

Is this a virtual coaching program?

A). Yes, this is a virtual program for you to attend from the comfort of your own home! 

Live calls every Wednesday starting October the 18th, skipping Thanksgiving week and ending on November 29th. 

Replays avaialble in the Facebook Group.

Do I get instant access?

 A). Yes, you will have instant access upon purchase to the FB  community (housing two of the bounuses). FB Community link will arrive via an email. Then within 48 hours you will have access to the Self-Healing Journey base program.

Will there be replays? 

A). Instant access to the replays of our live coaching sessions will be available. They will be streamed live into the FB group if you can’t make the Zoom call. You will also have access to our community to network, make friends, & ask questions throughout the program.

Who is this for? 

A). Anyone who suffers from anxiety and/or desires to reduce their emotional triggers. If you are ready to finally rid yourself of anxiety and emotional chaos, this is for you! 


Heidi Dellaire Heart Space and Emotional Health Coach

Heidi Dellaire

Who am I you ask? What a fun question to answer in a way that isn’t all about a title. I am a giver, a big giver, a cheerleader for others success, a writer, nature lover, a heart space advocate, an ear to listen, a heart that understands, a feeler, a heart/soul searcher, an empath and an intuitive healer.

I am a Heart-based Thought Leader, Holistic Health Practitioner/Coach, Intuitive Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner, Emotional Health and Empowerment Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Entrepreneur, Heal Your Story Podcast Host and the managing and publishing editor of

3.9 Million Subscribers later and I’m honored to have the chance to sit down and work with you!

Unlock the powers of self-healing

Two Programs For the Price of One!

Offer Expires October 18th

Total Value: $2,400

Special Price: $497 One-time Payment

Or 2 Payments of $275

VIP 1:1 Upgrade Available at Checkout

Tap Here to Enroll!

Starting October 18th.

Have questions? Email us at hello@heididellaire.com

Please Note:

Heidi’s trainings and coaching are not psychotherapeutic in nature and are not a substitute for an ongoing relationship with a psychotherapist or mental health counselor. Of course, Heidi will hold the space for the emotional material that comes up in the heart of a session. The support and services Heidi offers come from her own unique life experiences, beliefs, spiritual understandings, intuition, schooling, certifications and learning. Her work is not intended to replace your common sense or that of other professionals and should not be used as a substitute for it. If you are in crisis, are having thoughts of self-harm, or are struggling with a serious mental illness, these services are not for you.