Mindfulness and the Path to Success
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Mindfulness and the Path to Success

Getting ahead isn’t always linear.  It can be awkward.  The path to success is often comprised of taking just a few steps forward at a time, but also stumbling backwards occasionally, which means it doesn’t always feel like you’re moving forward.  The practice of mindfulness can help you attain your goals by reducing stress, helping you focus your intentions and making you more productive.

Mindfulness is being in the present moment.  Consider how many of your thoughts dwell on the past.  Maybe you regret a relationship that lasted too long or never should have happened at all.  Maybe you wish you spent more time studying or taking classes that would be useful in your life today.  Whatever you did or did not do in the past is done.  The time you spend now lamenting past choices is robbing you of your present and spending too much time thinking about the past can have a compounding effect when your future self regrets how you are spending your time right now!  You cannot re-write your past no matter how much time you spend brooding about how it could have been different.  A practice of mindfulness allows you to acknowledge the past, but live in the present.

The same is true for thoughts about the future.  While it is important to set goals and understand the steps needed to achieve them, anxiety about the future, like fretting about money or when you will meet your soulmate, are unfocused worries.  A practice of mindfulness allows you to stay in the present and work on only what can be done in the present moment, which will reduce thoughts that cause stress about the future.

Looking at long term goals can be daunting and even make you want to give up.  Setbacks can seem relentless and overwhelming.  Often we don’t feel like we’ve made any progress at all.  That’s why focusing on where you are right now and what can be accomplished today is important.  Small victories may feel unremarkable, but small failures will seem enormous, so it’s important to give yourself credit for every achievement.  Staying in the present allows you to note and appreciate even the tiniest accomplishment.  Celebrate that success.  A practice of mindfulness will help you set your intentions by keeping focused on action you can take today and recognition of the progress you are making.

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With a sense of calm and your intentions set, you are free to evaluate the best use of your day, each day. You are far less likely to procrastinate or falter when you are only focusing on what you can achieve today.  Sometimes it is helpful to think of your day incrementally.  Start by assessing what you can accomplish before lunchtime only.  Mindfulness allows you to focus on the present.  By keeping your thoughts and actions in the present you will be more productive and more likely to attain your long term goals.

There are many benefits to maintaining a state of mindfulness in your life.  By living in the present moment you will find that you concentrate your energy on today.  Not only will this prevent you from harboring too much anxiety about the future or regret over the past, but it will encourage you to find gratitude an appreciation in your daily life.  A practice of mindfulness can be your path to success.

Sending lots of love.


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1 thought on “Mindfulness and the Path to Success”

  1. I am goal oriented which I think is what you are saying here…. Not sure. I have goals for each day and make sure I accomplish them.
    It is extremely helpful in staying positive!!!!
    Being retired is a challenge , especially when you are alone but I have a couple friends here and have my place to clean etc etc etc.


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