Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire

Roots and Tendrils

By Award-Winning Author Heidi Dellaire

Winner of the 2019 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal in Inspirational Poetry!

Roots and Tendrils is a lyrical and insightful collection of poetry about the punishing love encounters that lead to growth and ultimately self-love. Scroll down to learn more…

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Roots & Tendrils Book

Roots and Tendrils - Heidi Dellaire's Debut Book of Poetry

A lyrical and insightful collection of poetry about the punishing love encounters that lead to growth and ultimately self-love.

If you’ve ever felt the confusion of being catapulted from one relationship to another in a cycle of sadness, hope, and disbelief, then you understand the “Continuous peeling and healing of a wound that is deep.”

In her debut collection of poetry, Roots and Tendrils, Heidi Dellaire navigates the intimate journey of heartbreak and self-discovery. The journey assembles a decade of transitory love encounters following the end of a significant long-term relationship. Each poem, musing and affirmation advances the reader through love affairs both searing and exhilarating in their intensity. You’ll meet the narcissist, the ghoster and the gas-lighter. You’ll travel to the ocean, visit a cave, be ready for combat and soar through the mist. Then you will step from pain into the light of love where you too, will grow.

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Reader Reviews

“Each heartfelt word is a testament to the author’s personal journey through heartbreak to her arrival at finding the true love of her life. As I read through the book I found myself smiling, relating to her experiences, reflecting on my own journey. For anyone currently going through past or present relationship trauma, I highly recommend this book. The author’s poetry touched my heart and soul in a way that self-help relationship books have never done (this is not a self-help, but it inspires you to help yourself). As her words weave their way into your soul, you can almost feel the broken fragments of her heart and how she uses that hurt to grow new perspectives and develop a greater sense of self. This is a deeply moving, intimate, honest and often raw reflection on relationships, where you relate to her hurt and isolation but become inspired by her triumphs and celebrate them with her. Truly inspirational and a rare glimpse into someone else’s heart.”
5 star rating

~ Steve Wentworth

“Throughout life, you will experience many different kinds of relationships and they can evoke positive or negative emotions that leave a lasting significance on your personal mindset. In Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire, discover how the choices we make and our self-awareness can impact the types of people we draw into our lives. This collection of poems will take you on an emotional journey of self-discovery and analysis covering such subjects as dealing with toxic people, the feelings of regret at past mistakes and choices, failed relationships, and dealing with heartbreak. There are positive affirmations throughout too which will ensure you gain a clearer understanding of the human mind and behavioural patterns we all experience at some stage in our lives.

I cannot believe Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire is the author’s first book of poetry; it is truly engrossing. The poems are enchanting, relevant and honest in their content. I could relate to so many of the subjects and the true emotions coming through were definitely written from either great research or personal experience. The poetry is so visual and thought provoking. I loved the journey of self-discovery and the search for your own true self, to be your authentic self and not live the life others see for you. The poems dealing with self-exploration were amazingly accurate, especially Owl Speak: ‘There is no magical who. There is only the wonder deep within. I am the who I have been searching for.’ There was also The Observer, where we explore the search for our own truth as we look deep into our hearts. This book would make a unique gift for anyone, but especially those who are about to embark on the emotional rollercoaster of relationships.”
5 star rating

~ Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

“Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire is a beautiful book of poems dealing with love. She writes about lost loves, heartache and finding herself. The poems show us how the one person we need to love is ourselves before we can love others. Heidi Dellaire uses lovely imagery and rhythm to share her thoughts in thirty-eight poems. Some of them are composed of one sentence in bold, and those poems are like nuggets of wisdom.

I thought that Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire was a beautiful book of poems. It was like being with a friend that I can relate to, sharing secrets and all. I loved the imagery of her poetry. My favorite one was Squirrel. I definitely felt the same way. Heidi Dellaire’s work has a nice rhythm to it, using different types of poems to keep it going. I loved the one-sentence ones; they were like reading gems of wisdom. I was surprised by the one that said, “When you ask the universe for signs, don’t ignore them when they show up.” I thought I was the only one who did that, and it was refreshing to see I was wrong.

Roots and Tendrils by Heidi Dellaire is a very heartwarming and thought-provoking collection of poetry. I was sad when it ended. I think if you are like me and have been trying to find yourself, then I would definitely recommend this work. You will see yourself in this poetry. You may want tissues though, if you are a sentimental person. That is what I loved about this collection. It’s a good way to meditate and ponder on your life.”

5 star rating

~ Renee Guill for Readers’ Favorite

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