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Heal Your Story. Heal Your Heart. Transform Your Relationships.

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Improve the quality of your life and gain more confidence, more choices, and more personal power in the process. It IS possible...and I can show you how!

"...I needed to feel better about myself. I was “stuck” in my head and my heart. Because of Heidi, I’m not anymore! My heart isn’t heavy anymore which in turn has transcended into a healthy mindset..."
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Have you ever asked yourself…

“Do I truly feel empowered, relaxed, and fulfilled in life?”

If you aren’t nodding your head with a resounding YES, and if you are tired of feeling undervalued and constantly stressed out, then NOW is the time to do something about it.

You may think that you only have one issue. Perhaps you have poor boundaries or you are a constant people pleaser. Maybe you have a long track record of attracting toxic people into your life. Or do you struggle with jealousy, shame, judgment, guilt or anxiety? Let’s not forget about explosive anger that scares people away, feelings of abandonment or the inability to trust or forgive. Seriously…the list could go on and on.

Here’s the thing, all of these stem from a lack of self-love and low self-worth.

Heal Your Story. Heal Your Heart. Transform Your Life.

Heidi Dellaire Here’s where I come in. I help people who have unhealed emotional trauma trapped in their nervous system build better boundaries, trust their inner guidance and transform their patterns of self-worth to a place of powerful confidence in themselves and in relationship to others.

I often work with many empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP’s) who are struggling in their relations with others due to codependency, anxiety and emotional overwhelm.  So many have found themselves in toxic relationship after toxic relationship or in isolation due to their trauma responses. A lot of it has to do with programming from childhood. I help people connect to their wounded inner child to grow the self-love they deprived themselves of as a child. 

Real growth and transformation happen when you get really truthful with yourself and muck around in the darkness, pain, and anxiety until you literally have had enough and want to make a change.

I help you create a source of energy, strength, and renewal that ultimately infuses into all areas of your life and creates confidence in yourself and your relationships.

Are you even aware of how the story you choose to tell about your life and others influences all aspects of your life? You can’t get to positivity and happiness until you Heal Your Story. And when you Heal Your Story, you Heal Your Heart and you can thrive in the present with ease and imagine the future that you truly desire. The past no longer matters.

If you are motivated and ready to feel empowered and strong within, then I would love to work with you.

Heart Space Sessions

What to Expect

Heart Space Sessions are a place where you can talk with me about where you are and what you’re feeling, thinking, ruminating on, and I will do what I do best—listen to your worries in a receptive, warm, and non-judgmental way, and in so doing, hopefully, pave the way to help you see beyond them.

Heart Space Sessions can take many forms, depending on where you are currently at and what you are struggling with. Sometimes we will focus our time together on the obstacles standing in the way of your ability to identify and/or to actualize what you need to change in order to move forward. These obstacles can take many forms:

  • unresolved emotions,
  • misguided self-beliefs,
  • patterns of self-distraction and self-sabotage,
  • personal issues that keep returning (poor boundaries, people-pleasing), etc.

They can also include a number of external influences:

  • an over-stimulating culture,
  • economic challenges,
  • childhood trauma,
  • others’ opinions of you or your beliefs,
  • the weight of the world, spiritual pressure to believe a certain way.

There can be a lot in the way of your authentic self and your path to greater self-love and self-worth. In these sessions, we focus our energies on techniques and experiences that can help you find a clearer path to self-confidence in yourself and in all relationships. While I can’t do the work for you, I can guide you to a more confident and self-compassionate you. I will push you to act and to be active in your transformation. I will be using my skills, knowledge and understanding to guide you back to your own true presence of life and your own authentic, sacred heart space. I will hold the heart space necessary to start your journey to Heal Your Story.

Heart Space Coaching Sessions

Heart Space

Heal Your Story

Transform your patterns of self-worth, anxiety and emotional triggers into calm and blooming

I’m glad you are here and feel compelled to explore this work. This heart-centered work together holds so much potential. I believe that part of my work on the planet is to be a mirror of all that is so right and good with you and to help you see where you may be telling stories about yourself that are not necessarily true.

So wherever you are on your healing journey, I’m here to meet you right there and hold heart space for you.

There is a high demand for the free Heal Your Story Strategy Session & Heart Space Sessions Coaching. This means, that although I strive to approve as many applications as possible, I may be unable to meet with everyone who applies for a free strategy session. The strategy session is designed to discuss your needs and see if we are the right fit to work together. If we are, we will discuss program options. If not, then I will give you some strategies for you to move forward. No pressure. 

Heart Space Sessions come in multi-week / month options tailored to your needs and may include the following and a whole lot more:

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly 1-hour, 1:1 sessions via Zoom (Depending on Custom Coaching Package)
  • Ongoing personal support through email and either Signal, Voxer or Instagram Messenger in between sessions

These 1:1 sessions foster a close relationship between us.  I’d love to start this deeply transformational work with you now.

I am excited to receive your application. Click Here To Book A Call



“Inhale the future, exhale the past.

I’m 62 years old. I had trauma in my childhood since about the age of 7. That’s 55 years ago! This trauma was Very Unpleasant, and caused much pain in my heart and mind for all these years! I realized at times I would give off a negative vibe because of that past trauma, so I decided to do something about it.

I signed up for Heart Space Sessions with Heidi to get to the core of the negativity in my life.

These sessions transformed me! I didn’t know it then, but realize it now, it was the beginning of a wonderful journey that I’ll be on for the rest of my life!

Heidi took time to listen to me and my story. Heidi’s words of wisdom helped me see the goodness in myself.

Her words of encouragement gave me confidence to see the light and take action to become a better person...leaving the past behind...where it belongs!

I needed to feel better about myself. I was “stuck” in my head and my heart. Because of Heidi, I’m not anymore! My heart isn’t heavy anymore which in turn has transcended into a healthy mindset.


Because I embraced the homework she set forth, I know I’m going to have a GREAT rest of my life!

There are Angels among us. We just have to open our eyes, heart, and mind to see and realize them. Heidi is one of those Angels!"

Tim R.
Tim Rodrigue
"Heidi Dellaire is one of those rare and glorious souls who beams with truth and inspiration. I sense the beauty, compassion and love within her. Her soul shines brightly with sincerity in all she does. Heidi helps others to understand the beauty of their existence and how to best find peace and joy in everyday living. Her beautiful energy permeates through every project that she is involved in and she is exceptionally dedicated to making the world a better place for all of us. Thank you Heidi."
Catherine Roy
Catherine Roy
Author of Live From Your Heart and Mind, Instructor at LHM Academia
“Heidi Dellaire is one of those souls who when they appear in your life, you wonder how you ever did without them. She says she is a Love-Slinger, but she is more than that. She is a is a true connector to the love we already have in our own heart, and she gently encourages us all to form that love into the life that we live, and the relationships we live within. As a coach, guide and healer she is a magical one off, and a living expression of what Love Wide Open truly means."
Catt Knott
Cat Knott
Life Coach and Channeller

Please Note: Due to the nature of live and on-demand coaching sessions, there are no refunds available for the Heart Space Sessions coaching sessions above once the sessions have been completed by the client and coach. 

**Heart Space Sessions are not psychotherapeutic in nature and are not a substitute for an ongoing relationship with a psychotherapist or mental health counselor. Of course, Heidi will hold the space for the emotional material that comes up in the heart of a session. The support and services Heidi offers come from her own unique life experiences, beliefs, spiritual understandings, intuition, schooling and learning. Her work is not intended to replace your common sense or that of other professionals and should not be used as a substitute for it. If you are in crisis, are having thoughts of self-harm, or are struggling with a serious mental illness, these services are not for you. Click here for resources and support

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